Instructions for use of blog:

Games are made to be played. I love to discuss and analyze games, but I cannot (nor intend) to replace you actually playing the game. To that end, I’m going to avoid spoiling plot as much as I can. This does mean that some of my reviews will be a bit vague. I am of course always open to discuss the full impact of a game, plot and all, but I would prefer to do it somewhere where those who haven’t yet played the game won’t accidentally stumble upon it.

A lot of the time I’m going to want to talk from the view of the player. Sometimes that involves the use of pronouns. I’m going to use “he” exclusively here. I know, love, and constantly support the fact that girls play video games too. In the interest of clarity and brevity, however, I’m going to stick to “he”. Feel free to mentally replace “he” with whatever pronoun makes you most comfortable were you the one playing the game.

All opinions are my own and should not be interpreted to necessarily reflect the opinions of game designers as a whole, artists, designers, or people in general.

If something I’ve posted offends you, feel free to let me know, either privately or by commenting. That said, I reserve the right to not answer or delete your comment, especially if it is in bad taste, not well thought out, or just mean. Basically, assume that I will respond to your comment or question with the same level of thought and the same attitude that you put into writing it. The one thing I will be a bit harsh on is spoilers – comments giving away or addressing large chunks of plot won’t be publicized. You may disagree with me on what constitutes “large chunks”, and may be correct in another context, but for this I get final say.

Have fun! If you read a review and play the game and have thoughts, comment! Maybe you agree with me and maybe you don’t, but post either way. If you have game suggestions, I’d love to hear those too! I’m always looking for new games to take up my non-existent free time.

Finally, note that I neither claim to have nor actually have any ownership over any of the material I post about. Thus my opinions should not be interpreted as the opinions of the creators of the games and other works that I write about.

Now then…


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