AES’EA – (Even Cheaper) Street Food is Best Food

Our past couple days emboldened us, so we decided this day to venture out along the street and see what there was to see, and to eat!

Our first stop was a small, literal hole in the wall. We ate and drank slowly while watching the Thai national volleyball team compete on TV.

Fried pork with rice and an egg, plus Thai iced tea. I’m a fan of putting fried eggs on everything.

From there we continued onwards to a department store. The prices were a little lower than the US equivalent but not much so. We were mostly happy just happy to have air conditioning.

It feels just a little weird to see American chains literally everywhere

We decided not to buy anything and continued walking, eventually passing the fairly impressive State Tower. I found out later that the bar at on the 64th floor was featured in the highly cultured blockbuster The Hangover 2.

The view from the top is really stunning at night. The drinks are a bit pricy though.

It was getting hot at this point so we stopped for another tea. I got kiwi and found it delightfully tart, while Ethan’s Apple yoghurt tea was smoother and sweeter.

Only the beginning of our steady stream of iced drinks

We were happy with our travels at this point, and so walked back to the hotel to reward ourselves with more time in the pool. We ate an early dinner at the hotel restaurant, now quite tired; it’s probably the heat.

Our break from Thai cuisine, wonderful that it may be. Both the pizza and (Ethan tells me) the steak burger were pretty good, but not nearly as cheap as their Thai food

Despite doing relatively little (compared to our New Zealand leg of the trip) we were fairly tired, so we settled in for an early night.


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