AES’EA – The Wild Outdoors

Upon waking up we received the best present of all: our luggage had returned! Cancel the panic shopping for clothes and toiletries. We showered and changed into fresh clothes, and treated ourselves to a room service breakfast.

My pick – bread with a side of bread
The panoramic view from our hotel window, served with a side of humidity

After so many days hiking, flying, and dealing with luggage stress, we thought long and hard on our plans for the day and decided on doing nothing. We visited the pool, had lunch in the lobby of the hotel, and went to a nearby Seven Eleven to get basic supplies and weird Asian snacks.

Now this is how you vacation
I got soft shell crab, while Ethan got a fried whole bass. They were served with a very small amount of chilis in oil that was thin but unbelievably potent
Our selection of snacks from 7-11. The shrimp chips were oddly addicting, and the green tea kit kat was very strange and not that sweet.

The weirdest part of shopping in another country are the relative price differences. Our nice meal in the lobby of our hotel ran us each around four hundred baht (around $12), but a small bottle of sunscreen cost four hundred and fifty baht. It makes sense, as the demand for sunscreen here is clearly much lower, but it’s still weird to experience in practice.

At lunch a head waiter told us about a wine event they were having later that night – six hundred baht for a seemingly unlimited amount of four Australian wines and a buffet of bite sized dishes. It was all delicious and we certainly got our money’s worth by the end.

Chardonnay and seared bass with an orange fennel salad
Cabernet Sauvignon, a corn dog, and a beef pie with a sweet salsa
Shiraz and macadamia-crusted lamb 
For desert, chocolate and raspberry cake bites, and a vanilla pudding slice

We were surprisingly full after a couple hours of eating and drinking our way through the event. That, combined with the remnants of jet lag, conspired to put us to bed just after 9PM.



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