AES’EA – Thai Tablespoon

Today was an exciting day! We woke up late and headed straight to the pool. After lounging around and swimming for a couple hours we headed back to our room, changed and showered, and went to the lobby for lunch.

Green curry with rice. It had weird pea-shaped vegetables in it that exploded when you ate them. I didn’t mind the sensation, but Ethan couldn’t stand it

We negotiated a cab to our main event of the day – a vegetarian Thai cooking class! The cab ride took around forty minutes, during which we learned that drivers don’t really fully obey any traffic laws. Finally, we made it to our destination, Mai Kaydee vegetarian and vegan restaurant, making it just in the nick of time.

The class itself was extremely fun and really fast paced. Unlike western cooking, Thai cuisine seems to require ingredients to be added to the wok as quickly as possible; the longest wait time between steps (excluding pre-boiling some vegetables) was a couple minutes. One particular step in one recipe called for dried chili to be added, cooked at high heat for five seconds, then to remove the wok from heat entirely. I had an amazing time and was quite full by the end of the lesson. For anyone who travels to Bangkok or Chaing Mai (where they have another location), you need to make sure your plans include Mai Kaydee’s Thai cooking lesson!

Pumpkin and Cashew humus, served with cucumber slices. Despite only being an appetizer, this one was actually my favorite dish of the day. I could eat it by the tub.
Spring rolls with peanut sauce
Green papaya and carrot salad, with fresh lime juice
Our cooking stations, ready for the hot dishes. Things are about to get messy!
Tom Yum soup with tofu. I’m usually not a fan of tofu but I really don’t mind it in spicier dishes. Something about the spiciness distracts me from the tofu’s texture which I usually find disconcerting
Even I am edible! But that, dear children, is called cannibalism, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.


On left, pad thai with rice noodles. On right, massaman curry with white potato. I was nearing full at this point, but that didn’t stop me from finishing both dishes and nearly licking the plate and bowl clean.
Desert time! Sweet sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh mango, topped with coconut shavings

Bellies happy and all too full, we tagged along with our classmates towards a semi-touristy street that was jam-packed with people. Once there, we each got a half our foot and back massage and a double-sized rice beer, all for 250 baht. It was heavenly.

The street is alive with the sound of people! Also weird wooden toys that make a frog croaking noise when you rub them with a stick.

From there we continued on to a few bars, all selling cheap drinks made doubly so by happy hour deals. Heads Up (if you’re unfamiliar, think reverse charades) seems to be the great uniter across countries; we played around an hour of the game at our second bar stop. It was a really fun time overall, only marred by infrequent torrential downpours that stopped as quickly as they started. We eventually negotiated our way home, despite our cab driver trying to scam us for more than the fair fare, and passed out in our hotel.



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