AES’EA – 404 Luggage Not Found

Today began at around 4AM, when Ethan and I woke up from our nap on the floor of the Aukland Airport. We arrived last night at around 1AM, planning to get all of our checking in and security passing done immediately, but found the airport basically closed down for the night. We found a secluded corner near our checkin area and passed out on the floor. We woke up as the airport started to fill (by New Zealand standards) with the first wave of early morning travelers. We pulled ourselves together and checked in to our Melbourne flight.

Empty airports give me a strong Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 vibe. The barriers (in my imagination) clearly support human weight.

We were greeted by an unfriendly surprise at the checkin booth – our checked bag was not paid for, and it would cost $150 plus $25 per kilogram over 15kg. Still sleepy from just having woken up, we swapped the heaviest parts of our luggage into our backpacks and paid the extra cost. We made it through security without a hitch and went to go grab breakfast. I got the “Frenchest Toast” which was more American than French and a bit expensive though expectedly so for airport food.

Frenchest toast! Bacon! Maple Syrup! Bananas! Murica!

The flight to Melbourne was uneventful but a little cramped. We went through a second round of security in Melbourne, which required filling on an unused customs form. Now a bit hungry again for an early lunch, we decided to use our few hours in Australia in the best possible way – MOAR SUSHI.

The best part about Australia might just be its sushi

We waited for about an hour and jumped on our flight to Bangkok. The flight ran for about nine hours, which left a lot of time to kill. I read a large chunk of “Boy Kings”, an internal view of the rise of Facebook, played half a game of Civilization, and watched “Hail, Caesar”. The movie was… interesting, to say the least. Quite strange and not all that good, really. Glad to be able to say that I saw it, I suppose.

We got off the plane in Bangkok and walked straight into a wall of humidity. Finally we were back in the northern hemisphere, and with that came the heat of summer. After spending just under two weeks in New Zealand, the sheer number of people in the Bangkok airport was a bit disconcerting. We quickly went through immigration and customs and went to go get our luggage.

This was $52. The exchange rate here is awesome….

Just one problem. Our luggage was nowhere to be found. We walked around the luggage carousel a few times, but no luck. It was approaching 9PM at this point, which felt like 2AM because of our time change. Giving up, we reported our lost luggage to an official and headed out in a cab. Our hotel was about thirty minutes away which ran us around $15; we handed over the cash and headed up to our room, all too ready to hit the pillow and pass out. Tomorrow, the thrilling conclusion?


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