AES’EA – To Each His Own

Today was mainly a traveling day – we woke up relatively early, around 8:45, and packed up our stuff. After eating a quick breakfast and debating the order of the day, we packed everything up and drove three and a half hours over to Lake Taupo. We managed to arrive at around 1:30PM, just in time to go kayaking on the lake. I was a bit lukewarm to the whole idea, mainly because it was a bit cold out even not considering the water, and the planned route involved over an hour of kayaking each way. Regardless, there we were, so I gave in and we got out onto the lake.

The house was not amused
The view across the lake was spectacular, though unfortunately basically stayed the same throughout the afternoon.

After around 75 minutes of kayaking along the coast we made it to our destination: Massive ancient carvings in the stone walls.

With Aaron for scale. I was getting heavy Disney Atlantis vibes here. I was sure the whole thing was going to start glowing blue and then crumble, revealing a tunnel to an entire civilization in dire need of white people to tell them how to operate their shit. No? Just me?

We kayaked back in about the same amount of time, managing to just make it back to the beach we left from as the sun dipped below the hills in front of us. In retrospect I can totally say it was worth it, but at the time I was not having all that much fun. It was quite cold out on the water, I don’t have the upper body strength required to move very quickly, and I was slowly sunburning on only my right side. I don’t really enjoy any activity that doesn’t make me think, and kayaking seems to be even worse than hiking in that regard. It was a heck of a workout though, so at least there’s that.

Once dry and back in the car we set a course for our next hostel, now only forty minutes away. Just before we arrived we stopped off at a small Thai place for dinner. After a day like today, I knew just what I needed: soup!

Egg noodle soup with BBQ pork, and a New Zealand original lemon/lime/orange soda. Both tasty, moderately priced, and oh so satisfying.

All filled up, we piled back into the car and drove over to our hostel. This one is, semi-unfortunately, clearly built for the summer. Each room opens to an outdoor courtyard with a BBQ and some picnic tables. That said, it’s the tidiest place we’ve stayed so far (including the hotel) and we basically have the place to ourselves. We’re all quite tired from the kayaking so we’re heading off to bed. It’s a good thing too; we have a really big day tomorrow.


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