AES’EA – Who’s a Good Boy??

Today we left our super posh hotel and roadtripped up the coast to our next town. It was a pretty nice drive, but I’m not a huge fan of scenic drives on the whole. I’d rather drive to the scenic place and get out to appreciate it rather than doing so on the go.

Look, we’re sorry ok? We’re working on it.

About halfway through we stopped in a small town to grab lunch. We once again lucked into the miracle that is western pacific sushi – delicious and so cheap! After eating we went grocery shopping again, and were simply unable to pass up a wonderful deal on the national fruit, the Kiwi.

In American dollars, this was like $8. Seriously
Little genetic similarity to the national bird, unsurprisingly

A few more hours of driving and we arrived to New Plymouth, a cute little town located right on the coast. We managed to beat the start of Shabbat by around an hour and thus walked around town a bit looking for dinner and taking in the sights.

Blockbuster! We thought you were dead!
It’s a social commentary on humanity’s irrepressible tendency to subjugate nature to its fickle desires #WakeUpSheeple
We stumbled into an American-style diner. Gotta say, the steak burger was disappointing. Fries and onion rings were great though. 

We were all (somehow) tired from driving for a few hours and decided to have a chill night in our wonderfully cozy hostel, Ducks and Drakes. We played a game of star wars trivial pursuit; after I established a quick lead, Aaron retook control and handily destroyed both Ethan and me. We watched some cringe-y English TV (televised first dates? What sounds appealing about that??) and I spent a good hour petting the house dog Zulu.

He’s a good boy, yes he is

I stayed up a bit later than my traveling mates watching, for the first time, Iron Man 3. All together, not bad. The PTSD plotline was interesting, but I agree with Ethan in saying that it’s awfully convenient that it never was an issue during a fight. Once the movie ended I crawled upstairs and into my wonderfully saggy bed.


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