AES’EA – Half Marathon 2: Kiwi Edition

It’s Shabbat, and you know what that means… crazy long walk around town! We woke up blissfully late (11AM is morning, right?) and ate breakfast in the dining room. I finally experienced a Tim Tam Slam – you take a Tim Tam (a cookie), bite off the ends, and use the center to drink milk. It’s truly wonderful, on par with or even above the oreo and milk experience. Our first stop on our walk was the Wind Wand, an architectural landmark, swaying in the wind.

Under the earth, a giant Olimar slumbers

From there we continued onwards to the near end of the coastal walk. We went all the way out on the warf to the end, getting a wonderful view of the ocean and coast in the process.

It was really windy out there, took many tries to get a stable photo
Coming this November, one seagull’s journey home…
…I guess

From there we returned to the Wind Wand and turned into town to visit a local museum. It was packed to the brim with the history and science of the region, and was absolutely free. We’ve had some wonderful luck with free museums this trip, and this one was no exception.

Answer – very old
I’d be a little freaked out if these guys were literally everywhere
All praise Helix

We also ate lunch at this point. My usual apple and peanut butter sandwich was accompanied by some crackers and a bit of sharp cheddar. From there we walked down the coast a while longer. On the way we stopped at my request to Geocache a bit, and Aaron found the cache after only a few minutes of search. We continued on to a small garden, maintained by a lovely older couple with a really energetic and cute puppy.

It’s really weird to see nearly ripe oranges and lemons in the winter

We concluded our long walk at a very nice bridge, fully outside of town. Ethan and I sat down hard at a couple of benches, our feet acing from all of the walking.


We were at the end and happy with our walk. Unfortunately, we were also now a few kilometers away from town. We walked back as the dark descended, quickly getting onto our hostel’s crossroad and then simply continuing down past block after block. Once near our hostel we stopped off for dinner at a surprisingly classy Indian restaurant. Ethan and I grabbed at the $20 dinner deal, while Aaron put together a custom dinner experience.

Ignite your passion for food! was the tagline for the restaurant
The beef could have been a bit more spicy, but I was extremely happy overall. The sesame/garlic naan in particular was amazing.

We devoured our food and dragged our acing feet to our hostel, quickly settling in for a peaceful night. From leaving the hostel to returning to it, we walked a total of 17 miles.

Or so I thought. After around forty five minutes of getting ready for bed, a few guys in the hostel asked if anyone wanted to go out with them to a few bars. Seeing as this is a vacation an all, I said why not and dragged Ethan along with me. We walked around for a bit but couldn’t find anyone at all – it was around 10:30 and the main street was an absolute ghost town. We eventually settled in at an empty but nice looking bar, but were told they were closing in fifteen minutes. We begrudgingly got a drink a piece and nursed them for a while while the bartenders closed up shop.

Walking back out into the slowly chilling night air, we didn’t quite feel like going back. The bartender who served us had suggested that we try out a sports bar a little further down the road, and sure enough as we approached we started to hear the din of drunk people. We managed to make our way inside and get a prime spot watching the England vs. Australia rugby game. As an aside, rugby is awesome. It’s like American football except without stopping play every thirty seconds. We watched to the end of the game while drinking one more a person, then went home, giggling all the way. All together, a fun day, and a fun night.


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