AES’EA – The Weather Outside is Weather

After two days of going hard, Ethan and I were simply pooped. We woke up at noon with essentially no desire to do anything productive or interesting at all. We left the hostel once, for brunch.

Quite yummy for a cereal called Weet Bix. Unclear if they’re being clever or that’s how they spell wheat here

I finally pulled myself out of the kitchen after a few hours of doing literally nothing and moved a hundred feet over to the movie room. I made it in time for the last few minutes of Goodfellas, and stayed for the entirety of Forgetting Sarah Marshal. The movie was quite funny, though a bit cringe-y for my taste.

Dinner was free BBQ in the hostel bar. I participated in a pool game for a $50 bar tab but lost around half the way through.

I had already lost by this point

We hung around a little longer in the bar and eventually went to sleep.


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