AES’EA – Half Marathon

My stomach was not super happy with me when I woke up, but the show must go on. We pulled ourselves out of bed at around noon and set out in search of breakfast. I wasn’t immediately satisfied with any of the nearby options, and so opted (once again) for cheap and delicious sushi.

Status – not yet tired of sushi. Investigation is still ongoing

With some food in our bellies and the sun past its halfway point in the sky, we set out to meet our friend Sarene who studied abroad here in Melbourne. We met her at the Queen Victoria Market, a semi-open air market packed with fresh food and non-perishables of all kinds.

I hadn’t even heard of that one on the bottom right
It’s called middle bacon because it’s in the middle

From there, we visited Sarene’s dorm and the University of Melbourne campus. Coming from Cornell it seemed a bit small but still very nice.

Is their mascot an angel? That would be pretty sweet
Sarene lives in a country club

We continued on to Fitzroy street, a more suburb-y, hipstery area near Melbourne. Every alleyway was covered in street art and the stores got weirder and weirder.

Surrealist dinner table… weird
On left, sk8tr boyz. On right, wedding photoshoot. This is a strange and cool city

In our travels we stumbled upon an under construction Escape Room! Hopefully we’ll be able to give it a try before we leave Melbourne on Tuesday.

At around dinner time we had to bid goodbye to Sarene as she went off to a Shavuot dinner. For dinner, more sushi! (Not pictured, because it looks the same as my breakfast.) We changed in to nice clothes and went down to the bar to hang out with our new friends from this hostel. Before too long we fell in with a new full crew (consisting mainly of Americans, ironically) and played a number of drinking games. One girl from Holland used got to make a custom rule in a game of Kings and chose “whenever I drink, everyone drinks”, which went over splendidly. After exhausting the fun to be had in the hostel bar we headed out to a few bars and clubs, eventually settling into one to avoid the lockout laws. We finally got back at around 3:00, all quite exhausted. Ethan noticed that we walked just under thirteen miles for the whole day, which explains why my feet were killing me. We watched a few minutes of a strange horror movie that was playing the movie room, then went back to our room and passed out.


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