AES’EA – Five for Five

In our exploration Wednesday night, I noticed an advertisement for a digital media exhibit called Screen Worlds at a local museum; today, we checked it out!

Now that’s my kind of museum

The exhibit was free (awesome) and detailed the rise of movies, television, and videogames in popular culture over the last century. It both covered the international perspective on the subject and injected the Australian outlook.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have been one of those 33…
I could probably name about half
Some places didn’t get TV until 1971? Come on Australia, get your act together
The missile defense game in the bottom left was absolutely impossible
Any exhibit that has a playable wall of recent award winning games gets an A+ from me

By this time we were relatively hungry, so we left the exhibit and walked over to a Indian place near our hostel. The lunch combo was pretty tasty and a lot for our money.

All of it was spicy, so I was sweating throughout the meal

From there Aaron simply had to check out the Nintendo shop, so after eating we followed him into the shop. The first thing I noticed was the pricing. Even accounting for the exchange rate, games are still crazy expensive here.

Holy crap, Australia

The Nintendo store was nice, but even better was the all-around nerd store in the basement of the building. They had fake props from every major comic book and similar universe, and a full wall of bobbleheads.

Show me your “Grrrr” face! Bonus points for naming the weapons present
Bobble heads as far as the eye can see. In this photo, anyways

Aaron had to leave at around 3:00 today for Shabbat and Shavuot, so we wanted to squeeze one last activity with him into the day. Aaron and Ethan went on a run a few days ago (I was sleeping) and passed a military memorial, so we decided to check that out.

I wonder what I would have to do to get such a nice monument
The memorial was quite intimidating. The bare openness of the area was a stark contrast with the city it lives within
We honor those who gave their lives so that we may live in freedom

At this point Aaron had to go, so we said our goodbyes and watched him run/walk towards the train station. We started back towards our hostel, but on the way back through the parks took an important pit stop: geocaching!

I remarked to Ethan on our way towards the first cache that park caches are usually the easiest (compared to woods or urban spots), because there are the fewest possible hiding places per square foot. Turns out I did not have to regret my words because we found five caches in only a few minutes a piece! The final one was more urban and certainly the most challenging, but after a bit of the classic “rub your hands on everything to see what moves” approach we found that one as well.

Three (plus two not pictured) found!

These five bring me to 95 geocaches found. I’d love to reach 100 before coming home!

All of this geocaching made me hungry (plus our food schedule was quite off), so I patronized a store I’d been ogling for a while from my hostel window.

doughnut pic.jpg
When is it not doughnut time?

The doughnut was filled with nutella and covered in cinnamon sugar. It was absolutely delicious, but quite expensive as far as doughnuts go ($6). Most true junk food seems to be more expensive in Australia, while wine and sushi in particular are cheaper. I am totally ok with this. In order to capitalize on this imbalance, we got sushi for dinner, with that same $6 buying three thumb-length rolls.

I could probably eat sushi for every meal, especially at these prices

As night fell we lounged around the hostel bar and eventually met a group of people to go out with. One girl got separated from her friend, and in our attempts to locate her we ended up at a really posh bar on the fifteenth floor of a building. The black and muted blue coloring and the high ratio of security to patrons made me feel like I was in a Shadowrun game.

The view was spectacular, though being on the balcony also meant being inundated in smoke

We compared the American university experience to the Australian military one, and repped the US (or more accurately Kentucky) by taking shot after shot of bourbon. After the super nice bar we went to a more regular looking and sized one, and watched the end of a band’s performance. We returned to the hostel absolutely exhausted, even though it was barely past midnight. G’night, Melbourne!


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