Aaron & Ethan & Shnik’s Excellent Adventure – Everything’s Closed on Sundays

We woke up late this morning to mild headaches and, wait for it, more rain. It seems to be an unusual amount of rain even for Australian late fall, given how many emergency vehicles we seem to pass on the street.

After walking by many closed restaurants (I’m not sure if they were closed because of the rain or because it was Sunday), we managed to find a little Thai lunch place. I was excited for Thailand before, but now I’m doubly so.

All of the spicy was at the bottom

After that, we managed to make it to the Powerhouse Museum before it closed. I’m usually not a fan of museums, but the museum’s unique combination of science, technology, and human perception was very interesting – we only managed to see about half of the museum before time ran out.

Computers used to be really intimidating… and colorful!
Bonus points – identify the language!

For our next stop we went to a movie theater, both because none of us wanted to continue walking around in the rain, and also because about a month ago Aaron and I left Ethan out of our plans to see Captain America – Civil War. We got there about an hour before the movie was set to begin, so we poked around the mall containing the theater and found, of course, DDR. After a couple of plays, one machine in downtown Sydney now has MGP on the high score charts for two songs.

After the movie (it’s very good – see it if you haven’t already), we all decided that we were way too tired to do anything else or go out to dinner, so we stopped by a small grocery store on our way home to pick up dinner.

Local Australian soft cheese with apricots and dates. Also crackers

We scarfed our food down, found out that we couldn’t do laundry past 10:00pm, and fell right asleep.


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