Aaron & Ethan & Shnik’s Excellent Adventure – ADVINTCHAH

My blog for the next month (holy crap) will be functioning like a standard blog – some pictures, some commentary, some suggestions for anyone following in our footsteps. Stow your tray table and return your seat to its upright and locked position, because it’s time for an advintchah! HERE WE GO!


We made it! Despite losing Aaron to a different flight (who knew there were two different flights from LAX to SYD leaving ten minutes apart?) we managed to get to Sydney in one piece. We took a quick train ride to Sydney’s central station and walked a few minutes to our first hostel, Bounce Sydney. Because our room was not open until two pm and it was still mid morning, we stored our luggage in their luggage check room and went for a quick run.

The run was Aaron’s suggestion, but I can wholeheartedly echo his advice that it is an amazing way to get over jet lag. Additionally, you get to see a large chunk of your destination city quite quickly, and for free. From our hostel, we ran towards the water and the famous Sydney Opera House.

50% bonus culture and a free social policy

We decided not to poke around too much because we were all gross from running, but the Opera House even more impressive in person. On the way back we stopped for lunch at a little cafe by a park.

And yet, still healthier than the American equivalent

By this time we were really feeling the jet lag, but kept pushing through. A couple of calls netted us a free Shabbat dinner at a Chabad half an hour’s walk from our Hostel. There we had a wonderful dinner including salad, split pea soup, and rice with curry. They also had a homemade minty drink that was mild and very refreshing. We went poking around for a recipe and found this one, which is hopefully pretty close.

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain for our walk home, and by the time we reached our hostel we were all thoroughly drenched. After changing into dry clothes and hanging up our wet ones, we all immediately passed out, all the more excited for the days to come.


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